Association of Foreigners of Cabrera


ADEC consists of a group of foreigners of different nationalities, who reside in Cabrera, Dominican Republic


Principal Objectives of the Association:


1) Establish contact and collaboration between all the foreigners that are either residents, or tourists, in Cabrera.


2) Develop community projects, in different areas of Cabrera, that will benefit both the Dominican and foreign population, in collaboration with local authorities.


3) To contribute to the welfare of both foreign residents, and tourists, in the area, and help assure their enjoyment of our community.


4) Make the Dominican population aware of the many, valuable contributions the foreign community brings to the area.  These valuable contributions continue to increase annually, with the increase of the foreign population.


5) Help to preserve, and improve the quality of life, in our community, and share the natural beauty and native culture with all the foreigners who visit, and live among us.


6) Assesment, consultation, and information regarding health care, security, and assimilation into Dominican society.


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